Recruitment Support

We can help you in sourcing internal or external school leaver candidates for your apprenticeship programmes. Our recruitment and marketing team will work with you to design an internal or external campaign to help you deliver the required apprenticeship volumes.

Sourcing suppliers

As and when required Vortex will source specialist apprenticeship providers to deliver programmes outside of our portfolio. The sourced providers may come from the Vortex approved list of suppliers or they may be introduced to us by the client.

Each supplier will have gone through our rigorous due diligence process which includes an in-depth assessment of their quality and assurance procedures. They will also have agreed to the service terms we have in place with you to ensure consistency of management information and delivery.

Managing Suppliers

We understand that you may require multiple suppliers for your programmes and this has the potential to create duplication of work on your behalf.

To remove this issue all suppliers will be under the management of Vortex and their delivery will be our responsibility. Our teams will take ownership of their administration and will quality assure their delivery to give you comfort that all programmes are delivered to the same high standards you would expect from Vortex.

To streamline communications you will only have to deal with one Vortex team who will co-ordinate all administration directly to the other suppliers on your behalf.