Find Your Vortex Solution


Step 1 - Recruitment

Vortex works with the local community and Job Centres in order to source candidates who are in need of employability skills training.

We take them through short intense Level 2 courses which are fully funded by the Government.

Step 2 - Qualifications

As part of the employability pathway candidates will get the opportunity to complete a number of courses specific to the area you with to work in.

The courses will be:
• Occupational specific accredited courses at Level 2
• Aimed to help you become employed in your chosen sector
• Used to build your confidence to achieve your dream job

Step 3 - Selection

Upon successful completion of courses candidates will be selected and given application forms for prospective employers in their chosen sector.

Candidates will be helped with interview preparation and guided on best practice for interview techniques.

Step 4 - Interview

The final stage of the employability pathway is a interview with a regional employer from your chosen section.

This is the stage that really counts for getting back in to employment, time to put all the skills you have learned in to practice!