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Contact Centre Results

What We Do

Vortex Training Solutions work closely with Contact Centres in the Energy & Utilities Sector achieving great success in utilising their Apprenticeship Levy. This success does not only come academically with the learners, but also on the key performance indicators of the overall business.

Working with employers to utilise their Apprenticeship Levy we have helped to improved key objectives including employee retention rates and overall knowledge base of employees. An improvement in these has led to enhanced customer handling, better employee engagement and a decrease in the number of complaints.

The key to this success when working with these employers comes from maximising their return on their apprenticeship levy through our underpinned, successful, fully managed service approach.

We focus our fully managed service on 6 main aspects:

Embedding Competencies
Onsite delivery team
Strategic Engagement
Holistic Approach to design and delivery
Innovative Technology
Management information Reporting

What You Expect To See

Our Apprenticeship Delivery Programme's have taken learners and organisations on a journey. Employees will achieve nationally accredited and professional qualifications, which will lead to an upskilled workforce and developments on your customer service and leadership functions across the whole business. All of which can come at no extra cost through your Apprenticeship Levy.

This enhances the professionalism throughout the workforce, with more employees gaining chartered industry status and memberships. Driving the overall operational competency and service provided to your clients to the next level.

Nationally accredited and professional qualifications provide benefits not only to the individual, but also to the business. It helps keep your organisation running more effectively, efficiently and proactively.

Having the readiness to invest in your workforce strengthens the relationship between you as their employer and them as your employee. It shows you are willing to help them get better at their job and progress in the business and in their career. Not only that, but it shows your workforce that you value them.

What You Dont Expect To See

We have had some exceptional results from our Apprenticeship Delivery Programmes on Key Performance Indicators for the overall business.

From our projects we have seen a massive halt on churn, meaning there has been an increase in employee retention within the organisation. This also means more talent remains in the business, but not only that, more has been attracted to the organisation. First of all, this leads to savings on recruitment, as well as helping to work towards reaching organisational efficiency.

Looking more in depth we have had a significant impact on the organisations retention rate, increasing from 52% prior to our Apprenticeship Levy project starting to 95% after 12 months. Meaning it has increased by 83% overall. The direct effect to the rise in the retention rate is the significant savings from the hiring process. But it has also led to employees having better productivity, better percentage calls answered and enhanced customer service.

Added Benefits

We have also had an added benefit of helping employers retain more competencies and talent within their organisation. When employees are retained in the organisation, we were able to embed and enhance a higher knowledge base throughout the project, meaning they knew more about their job role.

For example we Drove the ability of agents to get the answer correct first time from 48% prior to our project starting, to 90%. This did not only have great impacts on their ability to do their job but had significant improvements on their confidence, motivation, loyalty and morale.

Improvements In Key Business Objectvies

The fact that the organisation was retaining talent and further knowledge was being embedded, it had significant positive impact on the cost of error. Resulting in fewer complaints and escalations to the ombudsman.

All of this added together had powerful improvements in key business objectives. Such as improvement in percentage calls answered, net provider score, customer ease score, Hiring Costs and overall business growth.