• Mandatory registration of AEDs in Scotland

    November 2019

Mandatory registration of AEDs in Scotland…..

New Bill proposes mandatory registration of AEDs in Scotland

A Private Member’s Bill has been put forward by Anas Sarwa, Scottish Labour MSP, which would see all AEDs having to be officially registered with the emergency services, if it became law.  The law would require all defibs to be registered so that 999 call handlers could direct the caller to locate the nearest AED, in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Mandatory registration of AEDs in Scotland

Current survival rates for out of hospital cardiac arrests currently stands at 7%.  A study carried out in Las Vegas following investment in a number of AEDs found that when these were used, the survival rate increased to 38% overall, but better still, 74% of those people who were shocked within 3 minutes of the cardiac arrest survived.

Clearly these statistics show how essential AEDs are, yet in the UK AEDs are only used in around 4.3% of out of hospital cardiac arrests prior to the ambulance arriving.  Presumably this is because people just don’t know where the nearest AEDs are.  Ask yourself, where is your nearest?  A study in Sweden found that registered AEDs are 15 times more likely to be used to save a life than unregistered ones.

In an interview, Mr Sarwar said “This proposal could dramatically improve survival rates in Scotland.  The evidence of the positive impact of using a defibrillator is overwhelming, doubling survival chances in some cases.”

He goes on to say “There is no current requirement for public AEDs to be registered, meaning the ambulance service may direct a bystander to a defibrillator which is further away, or they may not even be aware of one in the vicinity.  This Bill would help bystanders save the lives of their fellow citizens and allow Scotland to lead the way in out of hospital cardiac arrest survival.”

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