• The importance of CPD

    September 2019

The importance of CPD

Many people do not know the importance of CPD. For a lot of people it is just a tick box exercise that they need to complete. But in essence it is much more!

Most employers will ask their employees to complete Continued Professional Development (CPD). But equally there many individuals who complete CPD on their own accord. Either way, what is the importance behind it?

So, what is so important about CPD?

What is CPD?

So, what is CPD? The CPD Certification Service defines it as “the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers”. It is the learning activities that professionals take part in to enhance their abilities, and develop new knowledge and skills. Someone once said “every day is a school day”. This ‘University of Life’ approach to development is passive and reactive, however taking part in CPD activity is conscious and proactive.

CPD combines a myriad of learning methodologies, such as training workshops, events, conferences and face to face learning, as well as distance and eLearning. Many of us have studied courses at through training providers and colleges, or even maybe at University. Regulated vocational courses are fantastic at training us at a gross level, but sometimes we question the relevance of elements of the course. I’m sure we all sat in Maths classes at school questioning when exactly we were going to find a situation in our everyday life where we would use trigonometry! As previously stated, once we have gained this knowledge, how do we then maintain it? Engaging in CPD ensures that these academic and vocational qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete.

How important is CPD?

The importance of CPD

CPD is increasingly becoming more and more important to both individuals and employers. For the individual it can be the difference between progressing and developing your career or just going through the motions. For the employer it ensures that standards are consistently high throughout the company.

On a whole CPD ensures that you maintain and enhance your knowledge and skills you need to deliver a professional service. Meaning you are better at your job role and the company you are working for is better at providing a service. Win win.

But how does it look when broken down?


As an individual, having a focused CPD puts you in the driving seat of your career. It opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skills in areas you might not have already experienced. This allows you to get better at your job leading to progression in your role. Furthermore, it builds confidence and credibility to make you stand out from the crowd.


More and more employers are starting to take a proactive and supporting role with the CPD required by their employees. Taking the onus of the employee.  This is because employers are realising the benefits of CPD.

When the employer actively invests in the employee through CPD it enhances the business’s reputation among potential employees. They get a good name for looking after their staff. After all, as Richard Branson said “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

It also means the employer can guide employees into areas of the business where there may be identified a skills shortage. This is beneficial as the company will save on recruitment and hiring costs and the person who fills the gap is already familiar with the policies and procedures. Meaning time saved on training a new start.

Vortex CPD

Vortex know the importance of CPD and we are just about to launch our brand new fully online and interactive CPD offer, which has over 100 courses available. These courses range across Health & Safety, Health & Social Care and Business, Leadership & Management. With course approval by:

  • CPD – CPD by the CPD Certification Service
  • IATP – International Institute of Risk & Safety Management Certified
  • RoSPA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Certified
  • IFE – Institution of Fire Engineers Certified
  • IIRSM – International Institute of Risk & Safety Management Certified

Our fully online and interactive CPD allows delivery to be more flexible. It can fit seamlessly in to your business, giving minimum time away from the day to day tasks.

So watch this space and keep an eye out for the launch!

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