• Leadership and Management – Effective communication

    October 2018

Leadership and Management – Effective communication

Strong communication skills can turn a manager into a leader. All managers and aspiring managers want to be great leaders. They want to have the skills and ability to successfully lead their team. However, in most cases they don’t just possess such skills.

Not all individuals have what it takes to step in to a managerial role and be a good at it. A lot of the time it is something as simple as effective communication which lets them down. Majority of people cannot communicate effectively. Meaning key messages often get lost and members of their team start to feel undervalued and out of the loop.

Having good levels of communication to successfully lead a team is one of the most important elements to all managers.  It is next to impossible to turn ideas and strategies into action if you have poor communication skills. Many managers will have an overabundance of ideas with a clear vision of strategy. Nonetheless, if it is not effectively communicated their team might not share the same vision.

By sustaining strong, effective communication managers can share trust and transparency to their team. Giving them confidence and assurance in them as managers.


Effective communication


Five quick tips for effective communication for managers:

  1. Knowledge – know what you are talking about: knowing what you are talking about when communicating with your team will leave a much better impression… team members are more likely to soak up key information if they have confidence in the person relaying it.
  2. Listen and acknowledge: listening to your teams insights and opinions and taking their feedback on board will encourage an open and honest environment where they feel like they can share their views.
  3. Understand your team: every person is different and so is the ways they take on board and process information, understanding and know how each member of your team does this is important to ensuring everyone gets the same message.
  4. Be clear and confident: your team looks at you as their leader so it is important when you communicate to them you do so clearly and confidently, so they believe in what you are trying to achieve. Whether it by via email, phone or face to face.
  5. Build trust and transparency within your team: create a culture where everyone feels like they can have a voice and all members feel part of what the team is trying to achieve.

Leadership and Management – Vortex Training Solutions

It is vital that all managers promote an open and honest culture within their teams. As well as, never underestimating the importance of communication to the success of your team and the wider organisation.

At Vortex Training Solutions, we offer Leadership and Management apprenticeships ranging from Level 3 Team Leader to Level 5 Operations Managers. In which, both programmes embed communication skills throughout every module. This really endorses just how important effective communication is to the learner is within the management world.

If you are interested in enrolling yourself or your staff on to either of these apprenticeships, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated specialists to discuss your options!

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