• Employee Retention – Train to Retain

    April 2018

Employee Retention – Train to Retain

These days a lot of organisations have came to the realisation that employee retention is one of the most important points for a business to continue to be successful, competitive and profitable.

Although to have good employee retention rates you don’t only have to have good incentives, you need to have find and keep good employees.

Having good quality employees is the number one goal for any employer. But first finding these employees and then keeping them is a challenge within its self.

Employee Retention - Train to Retrain

Employee Retention – Ways to Retain

Obviously, an increase in employee retention is employees remaining in the business for longer. The outcomes and effects of this can be huge and there are endless amounts of reasons employees stay in a business but the one we are going focus on is Training.

Employees are more likely to stay loyal to a company if given opportunities to develop. Majority of the time they rarely leave an organization just for a better pay alone.

However, we all know the perception most businesses have on the training up of employees. Everyone always thinks ‘wont a well-trained employee leave anyway and look for better opportunities elsewhere?’ Many say quite the opposite. If an employee is getting a good base to improve professional and personal skills, along with an environment to apply them, that employee is much more likely to stay.

Not only are they more likely to stay but their skill set and confidence to apply these skills increases. An employee who is confident and well-trained is much more productive than a one that is not.

A good training program can increase employee morale and because of this they feel more engaged with the business. When they feel more engaged, again, their productivity levels increase.

When employee retention rates are high it helps to preserve the knowledge within the business. As if an employee as to leave the business their knowledge leaves with them and this creates a knowledge gap.

Employee Retention – The Benefits

So as previously mentioned there is a lot of benefits for increasing employee retention through training. To pull them all together:

  • An employee who gets regular training and who is giving the chance to enhance their skill set feels more confident when to applying the skills in their day to day role.
  • They feel more engaged with the business as they are getting something back from the employer
  • Their overall productivity levels increase meaning they are more beneficial to the business
  • The knowledge they have gained about the business is preserved within the business


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