• The importance of training and upskilling your workforce

    February 2018

The importance of training and upskilling your workforce

Training and upskilling your workforce is essential to the progression of any business. In order to move forward you must invest in your workforce by giving them the opportunity to grow. The most obvious benefit from this is a better equipped workforce. A business has the potential and the capabilities to encourage their workforce to improve through training programmes.

The skills that your workforce have is one of the most important elements to your business. Not to mention, the better your workforce is at their job, the easier it for your business to reach higher levels of productivity and efficiency, leading to more success. So why not allocate the time to enhance their skill set?

Maybe because, as many of you know, most businesses look at training and upskilling as a cost. However, have you ever tried to look at is as an investment? You are not only investing in your staff but you are investing back in to your business.

Training and upskilling your workforce

Reasons you should invest in training and upskilling your workforce

Workforce training and upskilling not only provides benefits to the individual, but also to the business. It helps keep your business to continue to run more effectively, efficiently and proactively.

Having the readiness to invest in your workforce shows that you are as committed to them. It strengthens the relationship between you as their employer and them as your employee. It shows you are willing to help them get better at their job and progress in the business and in their career. Not only that, but it shows your workforce that you value them.

Here some reasons to why and how training and upskilling is important to your workforce:
  1. Diversification of skills – Training and upskilling can give your employees an increased and more diverse skills set, allowing them to take on additional responsibilities while supporting them on their career pathway.
  2. Keep up with industry changes – With industries constantly changing it is very important that your business keeps up. It is also important to make sure your business is complying with any changes in industry regulations.
  3. Reduced employee turnover – Staff are more likely to feel valued if they are invested in and therefore, less likely to change employers. Training and upskilling is seen as an additional company benefit.
  4. Sense of value – When your workforce can see you are spending time and money on their development it will make them feel a valued part of the business.
  5. Turning weaknesses into strengths – Usually the reasons for training or upskilling an employee is because there is an identified weakness. So, turning their weakness in to a strength is fantastic for the employee and the business.

The benefits of training and upskilling far outweigh the cost to do so. It is a necessary investment that all businesses should take. After all, it is much more beneficial to your business to have a workforce which can perform in their job, rather than a one that cannot. At the end of the day, an investment in your employees is an investment in your business.

Training and upskilling your workforce

How can you train and upskill your workforce?

Training and upskilling your workforce can be delivered through many different forms. It can range from on the job training, classroom based short courses to apprenticeships in the workplace.

Many employers lean towards on the job training. It is cheaper and can be done through increasing work responsibilities and shadowing in the workplace. On the job training allows employees to learn the skills they need in real circumstances faced by the business.

Although on the job training has proven a successful, it is limited to learning what the workforce already knows. A business might want to complement this with classroom based courses from industry experts. This gives the employees the opportunity to learn new skills from outside the business. Then bring them back to apply to their day to day roles. Helping to grow their skill set and responsibility.

Apprenticeships are the longest in duration. They offer a structured way to train your employees, get a qualification and unlock their potential all whilst being employed and earning. Every apprenticeship is designed specifically for the particular industries and it gives an industry recognised qualification. There are apprenticeships to suit everyone, so finding the right one to suit your business is very straight forward.

If you are a levy paying company and want to know more about the apprenticeship levy, have a read of our previous article at: Apprenticeship Levy – What is it?

Training and upskilling your workforce with Vortex Training Solutions

Established to provide high quality training and education programmes for our clients. Vortex have successfully developed unique and innovative projects that have added real value. Better equipping the workforce with the skills and competencies that produce tangible results.

We offer a range of training services to improve operational competency and safety. These cover all aspects of workforce development from onsite specific training services to back office functions and leadership. Our services include a mixture of classroom based learning, eLearning packages and blended learning. All of which can be accredited, non accredited or completely bespoke to you. Giving that, we can provide a fully comprehensive service to our clients. Which can maximise efficiencies in time off the job and adds real value to our clients and their workforce.

Covering a variety of courses ranging from basic regulation and legislation to more advanced short courses and longer more in-depth learning apprenticeships. Vortex can cater for all of your training needs.

To speak to Vortex about how we can help to train and upskill your workforce, contact us today on info@vortex.training or call 0191 432 4401.

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