• Pet First Aid

    November 2017

Pet First Aid

Pets have accidents, just the same as humans do. But knowing what to do if the worst was to happen, can sometimes be daunting. Vortex can make this so simple for you, by learning what to do when it comes to Pet First Aid…

Pet First Aid

When you hear the term First Aid most people will only think of Human First Aid. After all, would you think of First Aid for Pets?

However, having the skills and knowledge to know what to do in a Pet First Aid situation, is what could play a vital part in saving your pets life!

Training Course

Starting in January 2018 Vortex Training Solutions will be offering Pet First Aid Training courses as part of our curriculum.  The Pet First Aid course will provide the knowledge and skills to deal with emergency situations for pets, should one arise. It will help to prevent a minor situation from becoming a major situation before professional help is available.

The course is ideal for pet owners or pet professionals. It covers the main first aid subjects for dogs and cats. However, the information is also suitable for most other animals too. Topics covered in the training include; Dog CPR, Broken Bones, Choking, Animals Vomiting and Snake Bites.

This course is not aimed at replacing vetinary care, but it will help to prepare people to take quick, correct and confident action in an emergency situation. It will focus on the most common pet-related accidents.

Book Your Place

There will be Pet First Aid courses available starting in January 2018. Get in touch today to secure a spot on one of the dates.

For more information and to book a provisional place on to our courses contact us on info@vortex.training or 0191 432 4401.

Save the date. Save your pets life. They would for you.

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