• Roxanne Supports the Bluebird Staff with Mental Health Awareness

    June 2017

On Friday 9th June, Roxanne led an intense training session with the Bluebird staff to highlight a sensitive and very important topic of Mental Health Awareness. The feedback from the learners was fantastic! Well done to those who took part and of course our very own, Roxanne!

Roxanne said…
“At the beginning of the training the participants said their prior knowledge about the topic was 1 (not good) and by the end of the training they said their knowledge improved to 8 and some to 9 (very good).”

The Learners said…
What did you like most about this training?
“Interaction with us about culture and religion, we drew examples which helped understand the content more”

“The discussions and experienced shared from the trainer and other group members was really interesting and Roxanne was patient, understanding and didn’t rush anyone to move on”

“All the information that was given about mental health and the different levels of mental illness”

“To learn how to interact with people with mental illness. Also, I did like to learn the difference among the reasons why someone can be affected by mental disorder”

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