Vortex Training Solutions provides high quality impactful training and skills development solutions for individuals and industry.

Vortex Training Solutions was established to provide high quality training and education programmes for our clients.


Working with our clients and learners to produce inspirational workforce solutions. We focus on finding the right path for your business and employees. Working with you we will design and implement an inspirational and aspirational project specifically for your business.


Developing new skills and competencies to unlock the potential of your workforce and business. Working with you to develop and learn new competencies, our programmes and projects focus on ‘what you could do’ not ‘what you can do’.


In partnership, we will produce astounding and trailblazing results, through innovative and impactful workforce solutions programmes and projects. We will deliver innovative and bespoke training and education workforce solutions for you and your employees.

Do you want to shape your workforce for the future?

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We have a dedicated team of consultants and services available to work with you and meet your needs.

For further information, advice, guidence or to arrange an appointment please contact our client service advisors.

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